MYOB Advanced OnTheGo
MYOB Advanced OnTheGo
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The new MYOB Advanced OnTheGo app developed for iOS and Android will make it even easier to use MYOB Advanced wherever you are.

Advanced OnTheGo is included in the cost of your Advanced Business Subscription. Simply download the app, login, then start doing things… smarter.
Smart device integration – Leverage the unique capabilities of your smart device like the camera.
Real-time access – The OnTheGo mobile app connects to Advanced Business in real time, so you can always access real-time up-to-date information.
Automatic synchronisation – Changes you make in the mobile app are synced within Advanced Business automatically.
Choose your functionality – Uncover a variety of innovative functions in the OnTheGo app using the Advanced Mobile Application Framework.
With Advanced OnTheGo you can submit and approve new expenses and view tasks. This will improve your overall efficiency, your employees experience and optimise your entire sales process.
Easy to use and secure
Touch ID is a secure and easy way to login. Advanced OnTheGo design is simple and minimal training is required to get staff up to speed.
Expense receipts and claims
Submit new expenses using photos of your receipts and check progress of submitted ones to see if they have been approved. Link expenses to customers and track what you’re spending on each customer. You can even secure your receipt images with several visibility setting options.
Review and complete approvals in just a few clicks.
Create Events and Tasks
Create events and tasks in Advanced OnTheGo and then edit later using the Advanced Customer Management Suite.
Developers, Partners, and ISVs
You can extend Advanced OnTheGo by developing new apps that work transparently across all mobile platforms supported by MYOB Advanced.
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