What is a Lease Plan?

An Operating Lease Plan (“TechLease”) is a Rental Agreement meeting certain criteria. The payments may be expensed for accounting purposes and fully deducted for taxation purposes. We recommend you check your taxation situation with your accountant or professional advisors.

What can be included in the Lease Plan?

In addition to the main equipment (Notebooks, Servers, PC’s etc), we can also include manufacturers extended warranties, installation, cabling, software, training and technical support into your TechLease Plan (some conditions may apply).

Should I Own My Equipment?

“Buy what appreciates, rent what depreciates,” Paul Getty is reputed to have said. Your business only needs to use the equipment, the ownership adds no real value to your business so don’t get locked into getting the last out of your obsolete equipment. A TechLease Plan provides that flexibility to regularly upgrade or replace some or all of the equipment.

When to Act?

Tired of using outdated equipment because “it cost a fortune 5 years ago, and it’s still not off the books.”? Get equipment when you need it. Contact us; you’ll be delighted how easy and cost effective your TechLease Plan will be.

Future Proof your Business.

Through the steady and predictable monthly expense of a TechLease Plan, you have the comfort of keeping up with technology and replacing equipment every couple of years, or when it suits you. In the mean time you have preserved your business capital for those strategic business investments that will enhance your business.

How to Apply?

Contact our technology partner Acclaim Datasystems who can assist you in determining your specific needs and take you efficiently through the easy and fast application process. Conditions do apply but once the normal credit check criteria has been completed and your application has been approved, then it is as simple as providing a cheque for the first month’s rental and deciding how to convert your old equipment into an attractive garden water feature.

Acclaim Datasystems’s experienced consultants provide businesses with integrated information technology, software and business accounting solutions. Provision of these integrated business solutions gives the Lease client peace of mind with hassle free personalized single point of contact.