EXO Business Analytics
EXO Business Analytics is a separate module that presents a customisable overview of the organization’s business status. It is intended for use by management to monitor business performance. EXO Business Analytics extracts data from various sources in the MYOB EXO Business system and then displays it in a consolidated format. This allows managers to quickly get a complete picture of the entire business.

The tabs on EXO Business Analytics are fully customisable. Each tab displays a collection of Dashboard widgets.

The following types of widgets are available:
• Clarity widgets – widgets that display a Clarity report.
• Web widgets – widgets that display the target of a URL, e.g. a web page
or a local file.
• Pivot widgets – widgets that display SQL data in a pivot table.
• Grid widgets – widgets that display SQL data in a standard ExoGrid.
• System widgets – special-purpose widgets created by MYOB, which cannot
be edited or customised.