Remote Connection Troubles are a thing of the past with TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is the one stop solution for desktop sharing. This is achieved via the internet and is a safe and secure connection between Acclaim and your business.

Simply go to our website, click the Downloads page and select TeamViewer. After the download, the Acclaim Quick Support Box will open and you will be issued an ID number and password.

Your Acclaim Technician will then ask you to read out your ID number and then the connection has been made. It’s that simple.

TeamViewer is safe:

  • TeamViewer includes full encryption and is based on RSA/Private/Public key exchange.
  • Additional to the Partner ID and Password, TeamViewer generates a new password for each session and so ensures no unauthorised access.

Click below to download TeamViewer

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End of Financial Year Checklist

To manage your End of the Financial Year we have created a check-list to be used in conjunction with your standard End of Month procedures. Click on the link below to download the Check-list

End Of Year Instructions


Fact Sheets

Click here to download our Exo Fact Sheets.