Corporate Profile

Acclaim Group Limited originated in 1992 as Acclaim Datasystems, specialising in sales and support of new and existing computer systems, primarily in networked environments. Acclaim quickly developed a reputation as a service orientated company with a good knowledge of both our clients’ technical needs and an understanding of how IT can become an integral part of their overall business.

In 1995 Acclaim Data Systems became Acclaim Group Limited, altering our market position from primarily a hardware and network vendor, to a business solutions provider. Although we continued to provide a complete computer solution for our clients, our focus became developing solutions that centralised all business information; utilising generic accounting systems as the backbone to a completely integrated business solution.

Since 1995, Acclaim has developed many custom solutions for clients, utilising proven industry standard accounting software, proprietary software developed by Acclaim and custom applications developed specifically to suit a clients individual requirements. This has allowed us to deliver cost effective, reliable and individually focused business solutions that perfectly match our clients’ needs.