November Newsletter 2016

November Newsletter 2016

Key Feature Changes to MYOB Exo

This month we look at some of the significant changes to MYOB Exo that users need to know about – and it’s good news!

The 2016.3 release delivers over twenty of the most requested enhancements and a refresh of the user interface that makes ‘Windows Aero-Flip’ the default behaviour for all modules. (This allows for main form panels to expand proportionally when you enlarge the form size).

Here is a quick overview of what you need to know:

1. There are new areas for business alerts – Debtor, Creditor, Non-Account, Stock Item, GL Account, and Serviceable Unit.


2. The maximum number of extra fields has been increased to 38 for most tables.

3. The NZ GST Return function can now include provisional tax information when submitting GST Returns to the IRD. 


4. The GL Report Writer has two new properties available on the Report Column Setup window:

  • The new %Range Row Seq setting lets you specify a range for the percentage calculations.
  • The new %Column Destination value lets you insert a range of percentage values into a different column.


5. Finally, the idle session timeout can now be configured by users.



It’s upgrade time!

If your monitor is just not doing it for you anymore, here are a couple of options to make sitting in front of a computer screen a little bit more enjoyable. Contact us for more information at





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